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  • Kolxoz колхоз – ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ AGENT SIMULACE

    Sat 28.08.2021 from 4pm | Kitchen – Bacherplatz/Schwarzhorngasse 1 (1050) «Slovar Словарь Slovník Dictionary» Slovar is dictionary. This collection of words forms the Kolxoz lexicon. Slovar includes terms and phenomenons that are encountered, which are formulated and developed by Kolxoz. Like any vocabulary, Slovar is a form of communication between «you» and «others». It is […]

  • Queer History Walk

    Queer History Walk with Andreas Brunner from QWIEN on August 20 at 6pm. Meeting point Türkis Rosa Lila Villa.The walk tells about the queer activist history of Vienna, identity attributions and their problematics, political controversies, cruising and much more! Together we trace the queer past in its different classes by showing alternative histories. The gaps, […]

  • Having a breakdown?

    HAVE A KitKap, today! 29. 07. 2021 Meidlinger Hauptstraße. Follow our instas —> In the frame of Moneyfesta21 (@moneyfesta_official)Commissioned by: Moneyfesta21  @kitkap.official@sasha.pevakSocial media design: Miguel Soll (@miguels…

  • Sasha Pevak – KitKap

    Kit for Surviving Kapitalism Do 29.07.2021 | ab 12:30 | Meidlinger Hauptstraße, 1120 Fr 30.07.2021 | ab 12:30 | Museumsquartier, 1070    Sa 31.07.2021 | ab 12:30 | Karl-Marx-Hof, 1190

  • Call for Participation

    Festival for Political Art, Theory and Practice. Vienna 2021 all nomads are workers Call for Participation What a brave new world? Is everyone now closest to themselves, or do collective processes have a future as well? Who is excluded and how, and how can we generate a public space – in which autonomy and empowerment […]


    4 YEARS of BOEM* = 10 days of Festival! +++ THE ZOKI HORROR PICTURE SHOW @ BOEM*   PARTY – WORKSHOP – PERFORMANCE – SCULPTURE    01. May – 09. Mai everyday at 19:00  Entry free +++ One mayor conflict in our first for years – was a non public …